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    • Early Game Your first Goal into your Adventure of CosmosRO should be to focus on reaching Level 175/70. You can do this by simply checking the Warpers Leveling Areas or picking up Missions from the Quest Board in the Main Town. The Missions on the Quest Board provide you with lots of EXP and Cosmos Coins which you can turn in for various useful Items like Hero Scrolls to earn Awakening Fragments or Bronze Coins to earn Money. On the Way to max level you should try getting your Basic Gear for your Class. If youre not sure what you need you can always Google for Class Builds or ask the Community of CosmosRO. If you find yourself stuck at around Level 150 you should try the Infinity Space Instance which provides lots of EXP to easily level up. You might however want to bring a Team with you since the MVPs have quite a lot of Health.   Mid Game As youre nearing Level 175 and already gotten some Basic Gear its Time to focus on getting Cards and stronger Gear that you need in order to do Endgame Activities. General Cards likeRaydric, Thara Frog and Hodremlin Cards help you to survive in most situations. Evil Druid, Marc and Bathory Cards are also essential for Endgame and some Mid Game Activities since they provide Ressistance against Frozen and Stone Curse Status and overwhelming Shadow Element Attacks like Dark Breath. At this Point you might consider farming the Crimson Weapon for your Class since they provide a free Element, 2 Card Slots and a good amount of Damage. If youre planing on playing Solo you should run the Ghost Palace Instance as soon as possible to farm Thanatos Weapons which increase your ATK by a lot and also provide you with a very helpful HP and SP regeneration that will further
      improve if you combine it with a Hunter Fly Card. Slowly but surely building your Gear you should now be ready to play the Old Glast Heim Instance in normal Mode. This Instance provides you with one of the best Boots you can get in the Game, namely the Temporal Boots. Enchanting them provides significant Bonus depending on which Stat youve chosen. You can Slot and Enchant them to make them even better, however you will need to grind a lot for that so having an unslotted but enchanted Temporal Boots of your choice is the best for now. Additionally, this Instance provides you with some of the best Weapon and Shield Cards that might even rival MVP Cards. White Knight and Khalitzburg Knight Card. While White Knight provides a great DMG Bonus against all Sizes except small Enemies, Khalitzburg Knight provides great DMG reduction against all Sizes except small. Use both Cards to gain even greater Bonus. Another very important Piece of Gear you might want to farm are either Fallen Angel Wings or the Heroic Backpack from the Points Shop. These Garments provide amazing utility and can be enchanted to provide even more DMG. This is one of the essential Pieces of Gear you should always have.   Endgame Now that you learned how to play your Class and equipped yourself with great Gear you can start the Endgame to play Raids, difficult Instances and obtain even stronger Gear. For some Classes there are some essential Weapons you can farm from Bio Laboratory. Big Crossbow for Rangers or Guillotine Katar for Guillotine Cross just to name a Few. These can be created or farmed by gathering Materials from Bio Lab 3 and 4 Monsters and combining them into a Weapon. At this Point you also want to Tag along the Dark Dragon Raid with other Players to create your own Dark Dragon Helm and farm Star Enchants to boost your Characters Power tremendously and maybe even change your Build depending on the Stars. This Raid also provides you with a lot of useful Ressources for Awakening or Magic refining. If you manage to Gear up enough and think youre ready you can try the ultimate Challenge with the four Elemental Raids, namely the Fire Mistress Echidna, the Sirens Lament, the Midnight Maiden Lilith and the Queen of Succubus Hera. All of these difficult custom Made Raids provide a serious Challenge that needs Teamwork and good Equipment to succeed. After completing these Raids you can earn even more powerful Legendary Raid Armors that can be powered up by using Sun Enchants which also drop from these Raids.     You need some change? Try out War of Emperium and fight against other Players and conquer Castles to receive unique Rewards or compete in the Ranked Arena to increase your Prestige and Division Rank and earn useful Supplies, exclusive PVP Gear and more from the Arena Shop.
    • General Informations -Type @hall to warp to the Caelestia Guild Hall which provides you with most of the Main NPCs
      like Resetter, Platinum Skills, Hat Makers, Vote and Points Shop, Raid Enchants, Card Remover
      and Cosmos Coin Shop. -Type @mall to warp to the Vendor Mall where you can buy 3rd Class specific Items, pet Food
      and Items from other Players. 1. Awakening
      Awakening in CosmosRO can be done after you achieve Level 175/70. If you want to awaken your Level resets back to 1 but you gain 50 Status Points and 1 Skill Point per Awakening. You still remain 3rd Job though. Depending on your Awakening Count you can also change your Aura, Name Color or gain specific Loot from Loot Awakening. By chosing to Loot Awaken your Level also resets back to 1 and you gain the Item you picked. The higher your Awakening Count the more Items you get from Loot Awakening. In order to do True Awakenings, besides reaching max Level, you need Zeny, different Fragments and Dream Flowers. Depending on your Job the Fragments needed may vary. Fragments can be gained from Hero Scrolls which you either get from completing Instances, Raids or purchase with Cosmos Coins which you can get from the Quest Board. 2. Harvesting
      By killing Monsters you may get Seeds which you can Plant in the Harvesting Area. You can also buy Seeds from the NPC in the Harvesting Area or some rare Seeds in the Cash Shop. Dream Flower Seeds can be bought from the Voting Shop or trough Raids and the Sealed Dungeon Instance. By planting and harvesting you gain Experience Points which increases your Harvesting Level. The higher your Level the more Seeds you can plant, totaling into 5 at Level 10. Each Seed has a different planting and wither Time which you need to keep in mind to not lose your
      Plants. You can also sell the Items you get from Harvesting to the NPC to gain lots of Money. 3. Mining
      You can find the Mining Area north-west of the Harvesting Area. You can buy Pickaxes depending on your Mining Level and start mining the Minerals for Items. By Leveling up your Mining Level you gain access to better Pickaxes to mine more rare Ores. If you refine your Pickaxe to +15, the pickaxe becomes unbreakable and you wont need to worry about that anymore. Depending on the refine rate on your Pickaxe you can enchant it to gain specific Bonus like reduced mining Time, reduced fail Chance or higher Chance at rare Items. As a byproduct of Mining you may find some rare Items like Bloody Branches. 4. Raid
      Raids are custom made Instances in CosmosRO that require the work of an entire Party. Fight the Dark Dragon to gain massive amounts of Loot like Yggdrasil Berries, Bronze Coins, Dream Flower Seeds, Eclipse Garnets, Twilight Rubys, Life Essence and Star Enchants, which boosts the Power of your Skills and provides more Build variety. Challenge the Fire Mistress Echidna, the Siren of Lament, the Queen of Succubus Hera or the Midnight Maiden Lilith to obtain custom made legendary Raid Gear which increases your Power tremendously. You can also gain Sun Enchants in these Raids which provide Bonus Stats to your Raid Gear. 5. Refining
      In the Caelestia Refinery you can refine your Gear. The Refinery provides you with every NPC you need, the normal Refiner, Mighty Hammer who refines your +7 Gear without breaking it with HD Elunium and HD Oridecon and the Refine Master who takes your
      Safe Refine Tickets and refines your chosen Gear safely to the Number written on the Ticket. CosmosRO also provides a custom Feature to help you to refine past 10 with the Magic Refiner Elizabeth. She uses Life Essences, which you can get from Raids, to Refine your Gear past 10 without breaking it.
      Her Magic might prevent breaking, but sometimes during a failed Attempt your Gear will be downgraded by 1. Serena is another CosmosRO exclusive NPC which provides you with the Awakening Refine System. Depending on your Awakening Counter you can refine your Gear with a 100% Success Chance if you simply combine 2 exact same Gears. A +10 Crimson Sword and another +10 Crimson Sword for example would guarantee you a 100% chance to make it +11.
      Although Serena seem very helpful, her Service might get very expensive the further you want to Refine.
      6. Level Guide and Quest Board
      The CosmosRO Warper provides you with some basic Leveling Area Tips where you can Level up depending on your Level. If youre searching for another Method, theres the CosmosRO Quest Board. on This Quest Board you can either accept Missions to hunt Monsters or to gather Items. These Missions provide a lot of EXP and help you to easily Level up. You also gain CosmosRO Coins for completing accepted Missions. As an alternative you can also do the Infinity Space Instance. An overall easy Instance that provides a tremendous amount of EXP, especially if you use a Battle Manual. You might however want to bring a Team with you since the Mvps inside have quite a large amount of HP. 7. Ranked PVP Aside from the normal PVP Area CosmosRO also provides a custom made Ranked PVP in which you fight other Players to increase your Prestige Points which ultimatily increases your Ranking and Division. The higher your Division the more Arena Points you can get to purchase a lot of very useful Supplies, PVP Gears, Vellum Weapons and some PVP exclusive Headgears. You have to kill a Player or get killed by a Player at least once per Day to get your Daily Arena Points depending on your Division Rank. Warning: Abusing this by intentionally feeding or boosting other Players will be punished. 8. Cash Shop
      By Donating or playing the Game you can get Cash Points to buy various Items and Costume Headgears from the Cash Shop. By killing Monsters you can earn Eclipse Garnets, MVPs have a higher Chance to drop them and additionally drop Twilight Rubies. These Items can also be earned from the Dark Dragon Raid. By turning 10 Eclipse Garnets or 10 Twilight Rubies into 1 Cosmos Gem you can either purchase Costumes or turn Cosmos Gems into Cash Points. 1 Cosmos Gem equals 100 Cash Points.
    • WElcome to the family Sam! Your newbie rewards already been send via RODEX/MAIL , find the rodex icon on your upper right to claim it Cheers!
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