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  2. Name: Ricardo In-Game Name: Rasmez Gender: Male Age: 26 Where did you learn about CosmosRO?: RateMyServer.Net What do you expect from the server?: An stable server to have fun and make new friends
  3. Last week
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  5. Jebaited haha im a boy(fanboy) of Yeoreum /gg
  6. I thought you were a girl. But you are fine.
  7. I noticed that, too. Very irritating fact.
  8. Gonna leave this here~~~ IGN:Yeoreum PS: Some pictures have sh*tty quality and have problem embedding imgur /sob <Right click then open in new tab>
  9. Hi, yato maybe you've heard about this, As we all knows that water rune can proc deluge skill when the user dealing physical damage, the thing is that deluge appeared at the enemies/target position, not at the attacker/caster, if you think about this, its kind of weird especially for range user because if you want water ball skill to happen, you must standing on top of deluge, So based on that, i would like to make a suggestion that you can re-work water rune so it can behave differently, i know its not a bug or something like that, but please re-consider because its such a good rune, and too bad not many or even a single player using it. Also MAYBE it can help range physical user to have a slight of change at particular raid/instance that prohibited range/physical, especially after the nerf. Thank you so much
  10. Name: yossipin IGN: Lemon Gender: Female Age: 19 GF/BF: no Where di you learn about CosmosRO?: from Noira streamer What do you expect from the server?: so funny! I really enjoy it
  11. hmm its come from dungeon gate actually, current fix is to recreate party, still fixing this one also
  12. we still look at this issue
  13. There is happy hours that affect rates by 50%, and sunday is all day its from 75x base
  14. We will look into this, thanks
  15. Instance Monster is not included cheers
  16. After awakening, the character should get one skill point, if memory serves me well. I did not get any.
  17. hehehe tnx bro <3
  18. I saw you in-game. I'm Wise. Welcome to the community!
  19. There are Parus monsters that have about million of HP and about ten thousand ATK. I found them on flower islands inside the maze. Is it how it should be? Is it a bug?
  20. name: aimik age: 22 GF/BF: none saw cosmos in gtop 100 site. i love ragnarok <3 hope this server will last long <3
  21. I am totally confused with rates and drop. It shows one thing when I type @rates and it shows another thing when I farm for something or do quests. Yatohime mentioned in one of her recent posts that the server will be mid-rate one as it should be. Can anyone clarify what rates are now and what will be?
  22. This bug appears so very often. It annoys that @whereis does not work for me as well. Any chance that it will be fixed in January, 2018?
  23. There is a quest on the quest board Cosmos Quest Board: Cosmos Quest --> Hunting Quests --> [150-175] Hazy Forest Insect. One must hunt thirty Angra Mantis and thirty Pom Spider. I hunted them in Hazy Forest Maze and nothing was counted, but when I hunted them on bisfrost field, it counted. Where is the logic?
  24. Almost all of the stars are rebalanced and as the result monster from RAID is rebalanced and RAID Prize Increased Please found the details below RAID Rebalance Echidna : Decrease HP and Attack Siren : Decrease HP and Attack for Siren and Servant Lilith : Decrease ATK of Spirit Hera : Decrease ATK and HP Raid rewards has been increased Enchanted Stars
  25. Hi my dear Cosmos Family, We will be balance all of the star so some raids will be seems unbalanced but we will continue and compensate with new features to make the game more interesting and enjoyable. If no challenge the game wouldn't be interesting right. (and also getting back the game to real midrate how it supposed to be) I hope the player understand with current situation and we will have 1 year anniversary in 1 month~!! And hope we can have a good year in 2018~!!
  26. This will be the last changelog for the year of 2017 and lets make 2018 great !! - Bash and Triangle Shot Enchanted Star Nerf - OGH Hard now fixed - Ranked PVP Bonus HP and SP cut half From 2018 onwards , CosmosRO will have its own episode aparts of Original Ragnarok updates So new items,raids and instance every now and then but we still follow Original Ragnarok episodes and updates. [ Upcoming January 2018 ] Cosmos Episode 1.0 : The Cosmos Awakening - Cosmos Rune Revamp - Shadow Gear Variation and Improvement - BG Improvement - Automated Event Improvement - New Monthly Special Event - Farm and Harvest Improvement - Dungeon Gate Limitation - More Unique Weapon Variation
  27. Hi my dear Cosmos Family~!! We are from Cosmos Team wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018!! Launched at February 2017 , Cosmos Ragnarok has built a small group of strong community! And we hope that 2018 will be a good year for us!! And we hope we can improve more as year goes by! This will be some changes that will be implemented by mid - end of January. And we hope that we will do this every now and then!! - Unique Weapon Improvement and Variation - Cosmos Rune System Improvement and Variation - Weapon Mastery revamp - Dungeon Gate limitation and improvement - Farm & Harvest System improvement - Server and Connection Improvement - more and more!! Happy Holiday guys!
  28. So... Turns out, I have to study & work at the same time. That is the reason why I was away from pixelated world and internet for quite some time. Here is a picture of me, going to work early in the morning. ( S A D L Y F E ) I apologize for being inactive, to staff members, my superior gm and players. I hope I can find time to hang out with you guys again. It's real fun to hang out with you people.
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