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  3. IGN: Airella Ellirene/Etta Reissha/others lol Hongkong Fruit Festival... (work orders lol)
  4. Last week
  5. SOLVED. updated by GM
  6. I've ask one of the GM that i know, he said that they had maintenance (i dunno which one has the maintenance and he didn't hell me how long). so be patience guys.
  7. Sheesh,,Thank God Im not the only one, @jack, dude please dont say RIP cosmos, i like it here, and so does my clean desktop, lol Im pretty sure the higher ups are aware about the problem now, and lets hope it will be solved soon enough
  8. GEPARD SHIELD is not allowed to be used on this server : error 11 how to fix it?
  9. Ya me too, yatoo need help to login..
  10. PC is too clean, that is the problem xD (JK) mine oso facing this issue, RIP cosmos
  11. Name: Airella (No, no real name for you guys lol *smacked*) In-Game Name: Airella Ellirene, Etta Reissha, Flare Farore, Kenshin HArmony (typo name but meh) and all female characters on farmer guild Gender (Optional): Female who always called male by bully -___- (I'm so hate them lol) Age (Optional): secret o3o Where did you learn about CosmosRO?: The stalking GM, Setsurei ofc o3ob (we play Valkyrie Crusade af) What do you expect from the server?: I don't expect anything really :|, but enjoying the server with everyone is something I look forward 'w')b. Hopefully I also can have update episode like official tho (Terra Gloria for now ^q^)
  12. I also got the same thing here. Actually yesterday night, I can't even login since they kept loading and failed to connect to the server. I thought there's some problem on my patcher but it's from the patch. Now it appeared like this. help?
  13. Hi, Im not exactly newcomer, im already been played on this server for about 2 week less, but i just knew this announcement not too long ago (sory,, too lazy to read), i can still introducing myself right? Name: Andy In-Game Name: ElsaBradberry ,or other characters with somethingsomethingBradberry name on it Gender (Optional): Male Age (Optional): 20-ish Where did you learn about CosmosRO?: from Ratemyserver, follow up by noira streaming What do you expect from the server?: Cosmos is really fun, i hope this server will get MORE players, please make more advertisement about it. The more the merrier
  14. Hi, before this happened, my game were running smothly, but now after i put in ID + pass and press login/enter the game just shut down and this dialog message appeared, It says "Gepard shield is not allowed to be used on this server" I tried everything to fix it, like re-installing the game, re-patching, even check for viruses/malware/trojan which maybe can harm gepard, but none of those method worked I dont know what to do next, please help Thanks for the concern
  15. Christmas is coming to Cosmos!! 10 De cember 2017 - 24 January 2018 Special Event Monster has spawned at Lutie Field, Discastes Fields, and Manuk Fields. These event monster give decent amount of exp~! Cosmos Santa Poring (7000) Cosmos Xmas Jakk (7001) killing these special monster has a chance to spawn these special Boss and giving extra Special Event Token as rewards Ancient Antonio (7002) Legendary Hatii (7003) You can get Special Event Token as rewards and can be exchanged in the Special Event Shop [Special Event Shop] You can get exclusive Special Event Item such as Enchanted Starlight , Cosmos Costume Ticket , Special Event Card and others! NB: All Special Event Token will be deleted 1 week after Event Ended (1 February 2018) make sure to use all the Special Event Token!
  16. Name: holychef In-Game Name: holychef Gender (Optional): Male Age (Optional): 21 Where did you learn about CosmosRO?: http://topg.org/ragnarok-private-servers/country/Singapore/ What do you expect from the server?: Some fun and good times
  17. Don't get mad or too excited first , event start Monday 11 December Possible Monster : [MVP] Legendary Hatii [Mini Boss] Ancient Antonio Santa Poring Xmas Jakk Possible Special Event Item : Cosmos Costume Ticket +13 Weapon/Armor Ticket +9 Weapon/Armor Ticket Cosmos Gem Life Dust Life Essence Eclipse Garnet/Twilight Ruby Yggdrasil Berry Special Event Monster Card Anything not final and can be changed later on
  18. Name: Sora In-Game Name: SinXSora Gender (Optional): Female Age (Optional): 24 Where did you learn about CosmosRO?: extremetop100 What do you expect from the server?: nostalgia feeling plus some new contain
  19. Name : Tobi In game name : Tobiichi Gender : Male Age : old enough I learn about cosmosRO from Noira's youtube streaming I hope RK DB has a chance to shine (seriously, RK DB really got overshaddowed by other build). NB : sorry for the late introduction, I just found out about this recently.
  20. Earlier
  21. Welcome, check your rewards in-game, I've already sent it. Cheers!
  22. Hi

    Hello, kindly check your in-game mail to claim your reward. Best of luck!
  23. Hi

    Name: Dika In-Game Name: Efek Rumah Kaca Gender (Optional): Male Age (Optional): 23 Where did you learn about CosmosRO?: Friend What do you expect from the server?: Have Fun
  24. Name: Sorry, I Cant Say In-Game Name: Gracia Gender (Optional): Male Age (Optional): 25 Where did you learn about CosmosRO?: Noira Youtube Channel What do you expect from the server?: to find something new
  25. Bone Fletcher , Cliptec , Veronn , Brewtality and Hadoken . Gems already been send , mail me which costume
  26. There will be a Quick MT at 19:00 GMT+8 , Issue to fix Aura *hopefully Cheers , Yatohime
  27. hi

    Welcome! Your rewards have been sent in-game, kindly check. Thanks!
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