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    Sheesh,,Thank God Im not the only one, @jack, dude please dont say RIP cosmos, i like it here, and so does my clean desktop, lol Im pretty sure the higher ups are aware about the problem now, and lets hope it will be solved soon enough
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    Hi, yato maybe you've heard about this, As we all knows that water rune can proc deluge skill when the user dealing physical damage, the thing is that deluge appeared at the enemies/target position, not at the attacker/caster, if you think about this, its kind of weird especially for range user because if you want water ball skill to happen, you must standing on top of deluge, So based on that, i would like to make a suggestion that you can re-work water rune so it can behave differently, i know its not a bug or something like that, but please re-consider because its such a good rune, and too bad not many or even a single player using it. Also MAYBE it can help range physical user to have a slight of change at particular raid/instance that prohibited range/physical, especially after the nerf. Thank you so much
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    Name: yossipin IGN: Lemon Gender: Female Age: 19 GF/BF: no Where di you learn about CosmosRO?: from Noira streamer What do you expect from the server?: so funny! I really enjoy it
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    Name: Kimi In-Game Name: Nayakimi Gender (Optional): Male Age (Optional): - not telling Where did you learn about CosmosRO?: noira What do you expect from the server?: more guidlines for players new to ragnarok
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    GEPARD SHIELD is not allowed to be used on this server : error 11 how to fix it?
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    Ya me too, yatoo need help to login..
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    I also got the same thing here. Actually yesterday night, I can't even login since they kept loading and failed to connect to the server. I thought there's some problem on my patcher but it's from the patch. Now it appeared like this. help?
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    Remaking the system of the mining , instead of monster , the mine is now a NPC You need to use Pickaxe to mine and be near the Deposits NPC. You can get Jellopy Ore , Coal Ore , Iron Ore , till Crystalyte Ore. Its a RAW Ore that can be processed to be a precious gem. Details will be updated soon
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    Hi, Welcome to our server. We already inserted your rewards in-game
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