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      NEWBIE ITEM 1x     +6 Morpheus Set / Person
      1x    +6 Bradium Shield / Person 1x Transcendent Ticket Job Change 1x 2nd Job Ticket Job Change 1x 3rd Job Ticket Job Change 25x Holy Yggdrasil Berry / Person
      7.5     Million Zenies / Person How To Claim #FORUM Post your Introduction post here http://forum.cosmosragnarok.com/index.php?/forum/16-introduce-yourself/ Name : Age : Girlfriend/Boyfriend : Where do you know Cosmos : Up 2 U ~! As long you introduce yourself!   Only players that recently joined as for 6 June 2017 , that can claim the rewards above.   Cheers, Yatohime


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    Hi everyone, going to unmask my hood. Here I am!! IGN : Tabby Hello from Indonesia
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    Welcome to the family Ron! Rewards send via RODEX/In-game Mail See you! and Enjoy
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    Hey Gals and Guys, my name is Ultima_ both in game and forums Lad myself, hiding in the unloved part of Australia. been playing RO on and off for the last 10 years deciding to get back into it and see how it goes. found you guys through top 100 lists sitting at around the 40 mark ( i prefer small servers) and start ups. my expectation from the server is what you guys claim in the banners. lets hope it is true.
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    Welcome to the family Kingsmen~! Introduce using our format to claim your new player package ~ Cheers!
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    IGN: karlo2 7, 8, 10 http:// EDITED BY ME: GM RETPIRCS
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    IGN : Auvexia Lottery Ball 6 Lottery Ball 6 Lottery Ball 1 http:// http:// EDITED BY ME: GM RETPIRCS
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    Screen name: Scell It Lotto Balls - Number 4 Number 4 Number 10
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    IGN: BoneDragonTippped Lotto Balls: 1, 1 and 5
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    ign: Enju Grace Lotto Ball numbers : 04, 07, 10 EDITED BY ME: GM RETPIRCS
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    IGN : xNameless Lotto Ball : 5 10 10 EDITED BY ME: GM RETPIRCS
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    Name: Patrick In-Game Name : Glorious Gender (Optional) : M Age (Optional) :28 Where did you learn about CosmosRO? : Ratemyserver What do you expect from the server? : No lags and to interact with all other players.
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    IGN : Ban91 2, 7, 8 http:// EDITED BY ME: GM RETPIRCS
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    ign: Ulquiorra Cifer 4, 5, 7 EDITED BY ME: GM RETPIRCS
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    - Mining now can get a chance to obtain Random Item as below. Life Essence x1-5 Dream Flower x1 Cosmos Gem x1 Cosmos Gold Coin x1 [20m Zeny] Mystical Card Album x1-2 Bloody Branch x1-5 - Fixed Mine Level now properly reduce casting time of Mining - Airship Market has been moved and increased price. Read : - Gem Collector moved into Caelestia, near Stylist coming after this : Mining Pickaxe Enchant.
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    Welcome Baklava to CosmosRO Family! Enjoy Rewards has been send in game Cheers~
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    hmm nice idea , let see if i can implemented that , inserted to waiting list , ETA - Unknown Please remind me in 4weeks xD , but its on our to do list already
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    IGN : KarenChristie I don't know how to make my photo smaller.
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    In-Game Name : Sniper Decision Gender (Optional) : Male Age (Optional) : 20 Where did you learn about CosmosRO? : Base on the Galaxy and Rates of the server.. What do you expect from the server? : Friendly GMs and Friendly Ragnarok Players
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    IGN : Rhuv Helloo, greeting's from Indonesia !
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    Ign : Drugnarok I'm the one wearing red. huehuehue
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    Last night me and my party tried to enter thanatos using the new NPC, but the NPC didn't respond whenever we click on him, eventhough we got all the items required (everyone in my party got the items individually). Well fortunately we got ourselves 5 people in the party so we can go through the normal NPC, but maybe for other players who want to do it solo this problem will occur. Thank you
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    The Guild previously known as Salty Murlocs, Is now known as Legends of Old. The guild got a new purpose and needed a name to fit that purpose. Like many great civilizations before us we will aim for world domination. If this happens to be on your bucket list you are more then welcome to join us. Majority of the members might be new but soon we will conquer castles like there is no tomorrow. For those that will join us, We salute you. We will uphold the law of the cosmos. We will enforce them if need be. And we will reign supreme.