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  1. nice as PVM lover would love to quest for like +15 + certificates , i'm still fighting for the N.bio hat
  2. yeah like the +7 sure , like certificate with challengings quests , like the one for the Old Hats in nightmare bio , questing is really nice and would make it not a free high uprage .
  3. What about adding higher certificate to upgrade ? Dunno trough quest or donation , coz the new renewal stuff relay too much on high upgrates and would be nice to use them . What do u guys think ?
  4. Censored! Unkon had a nice guide about Bio Labs Nightmare here. But it is from another server, copyrigthed guide from their forums. No copy-paste please they are intellectual property of their own servers. Revan.
  5. can u whrite the IDs of the mobs ? thx
  6. which will be the difference between Easy mode and Hard on this server ? easyer drop or ? xD
  7. oh ! yes it works Thanks
  8. hello every one i'm back , i'm trying to log in after 3 weeks and the parcher says " failed to comunicate with server " but i've just downloaded the new clien any Help ?
  9. Reaper Yanku and Faceworm Queen 250m hp
  10. Hello there i'm a new player , i really like the server but i saw that there are some umbalanced stuffs the first i saw is the Coagulated spell drop , is pretty too low , ( i asked a GM and he said its like 1.1% and if there will be imprelented the " White Knight Card & Khalitzburg Knight Card " it will like thakes 10k Coagulate spells and whit those drop will be pretty unreal to get them ) The other thing i saw is MVP HPs they are way to high ( specially the all new ones like Awakened Ferre has 150m HP or Celine Kimi has like 230m ) It's nice that you want that people do party instance but the server is not much crowd ( and many people do work so have dont much time ) and you shouldn't penalize the solo players ( like me , I enjoy playing Ro more in solo ) Thanks for the answers.