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  1. Temporal Boots all types Value = 10 000 000 Slotted Temporal Boots all types Value = 75 000 000 White Knight Card Value = 25 000 000 Khalitzburg Knight Card Value = 20 000 000 Temporal Crystal Value = 2 500 000 Coagulated Spell Value = ???? If you have a different price in mind feel free to post below it
  2. Cosmos Gem Value = 7 500 000 Eclipse Garnet Value = 750 000 Twillight Ruby Value = 2 000 000 Dreamflower Value = 1 000 000 Dreamflower Seed Value = 750 000 If you think the value should be different then please post it below.
  3. When an Npc gets disabled or other npc(shop)/item changes are being made. Some kind of patch note would be nice or atleast an update. Aspecially now the awakening npc has been disabled by a gm while no one knows about it, except for a handfull of players that happened to be online at the right time to be informed.
  4. IGN: Beef Theme: Hiding from GM's Description: Retpircs wants to have a hunt beef server event. Yato wants to steak(pun intended) me. Some players want my head for their food. Decided to hide out with family they understand they always understand....
  5. WOOW lets kill these titans(no more ghost plox)
  6. Ranked PvP Edition Everything in this post is based on my own opinion. First of all : I don't know if these suggestions are remotly possible or not. These are just ideas that i think would be a nice addition to the server. This post also serves as purpose to know if other people would like it. 1# PvP Seasons A PvP season would be the time period for a ranking system. Based on your ranking, rewards would be given. (possibly titles, aura's and such) During every season only a specific pvp set would be viable. (This way new players have the same shot older players have in terms of gear) 2# Ranking System This system would award points based on winning/draw and substract based on losses. Arena style pvp (2 vs 2), (3 vs 3) based on a time limit. Elimenating the enemy team will result in a win. Your teams elimenation will result in a loss. Having atleast 1 member alive of both teams when the time runs out will result in a draw. Adding the battlegrounds to this system would also work nicely. 3# Seasonal gear Basicly rental pvp gear. This way you will work your way towards pvp gear every season. Giving all players a good fighting chance even the new ones. To Be Continued..... Undecided.
  7. Beef's minor suggestion list & and big explanations on why. Everything in this post is according to my own opinion. 1# Edp & Acid Demostration(Bottle Grenade & Acid Bottle) I think that the removal of farmable ingredients and the end products of those from the @mall shops would be beneficial for the player economy. Currently there is little reason for players to farm. Receiving the original 500K zeny from tutorial gives players enough zeny to buy the Edp & Acid demo. materials. Which allows them to start Mvp hunting with very little effort basicly. Because of the shop prices you can hardly have an economy on those since you need to be cheaper then npc shops for players to buy it from the vending area. Possible solution :Removing these items from the Npc shops. (and possibly others that can simply be farmed, including Stone of Sage) 2# Leveling area 150-175 I have been wondering and frequently asked where people should level. In general i can direct players into the right direction except for the level range of 150-175. Simply put the advice everyone gets is just go do infinity, But unlike non-renewal abby. It's kinda hard to get decent exp with a not so geared party. Once you bump into the Mvp's their hp pools wont be overcome without the proper gear for it. Conclusion : I like the way the infinity dungeon works and feels, But i would like to have an alternative so new players(and older) that preffer a more solo style of play can also achieve 175 at a decent rate. 3# Slower cost rate for the beautifull awakening system With the title being said it's mainly the dreamflowers. From my understanding the cost of the true awakenings goes up by a lot once you are around your 4th awakening. Taking into consideration that there is an Exp penalty with every true awakening i don't think the dreamflowers should be another major cap on how fast someone can do another awakening. Possible solution : More ways of obtaining dreamflowers then sharing sealed dungeon loot and voting for points. Lessen the dreamflower cost rate so more awakenings are accesable at the start. Maybe make the growth expedential after the 14th awakening(70% exp decrease). PS. I still Love this system Yato. 4# English in all chat. On RMS the servers main language is presented as english yet players have complete freedom to use other languages in all chat aswell. I understand that it's easier to explain stuff in your main language, But from my point of view talking in another language infront of the rest of the community is rude. The option to wisper, form a party and talk in party chat or even making a guild and talk in guild chat is there for a reason. Possible solution : not sure about this one. To Be Continued..... Everything in this post is based of my own opinion and is not meant to offend other people.
  8. ITEM Appraisal. It has come to my attention that for a lot of items the value is uncertain. So i would like to suggest that we use this topic to post items (Item Name + Item ID) and discuss it's market value. This way everyone should be aware of a rough price when Vending(or trading) without making terrible undercuts. PS. I hope everyone will support this idea so we can have a stable an healthy economy.
  9. gehe awesome on it all and i know about job changer solution hard to balance it without preffing the lazy method or the quest method being op:P so keep up the good work yato:P
  10. Beef's minor suggestion list & and big explanations on why. 1# Job Changer (not because of my warlock) Personally i like the fact that i have to do job quests for once, but i do think it will scare of a majority of RO players. In the past i always looked for a server with job changer simply because i didnt want to do the quest while already lvling to max. CosmosRo was my first server on which i actually have to do them (except warlock) and i enjoyed it, But if we want to make the server more populated we have to think of the majority. Possible solution : Let the job changer have no benefit besides changing job. And let people who still do the job change quest recieve a reward on top of the quest reward. for example cosmos gem(s) or cash points. 2# Farm Privacy The card announcement has bothered me from the start since i like to solo and farm a lot. It's the same way as you enable or disable show equipment. If you want to prepare for WoE and want to hide what cards you are going to use (for example armor cards) the server wide announcement is kinda annoying. Same with farming Zeny or stocking up your vending shop. I think it's better to leave competition in the dark so you can have a head start with for example farming materials. Possible solution : Let players decide if they want to announce to the server whenever they find a card. 3# Vending Area The way i always start out on a server is by looking at the vending area. While doing so on CosmosRO i was somewhat annoyed by the setup (thats just my love for symmetry). The shops are all over the place and are crowding up the entrance.(doesn't feel very inviting) Possible solution : Server determined locations for the shops(1cell wide platform). This way the shops will always be standing in a proper manner.(gotta respect the symmetry) 4# Slotted Middle Headgears This is more of my own preference i like to farm a lot to be rewarded in the end. And i think this is one of those proven systems that works, something that gives players a reason to keep on farming. As we all know not all headgear cards scale with refining an item and thats where slotted middle headgears come in. Possible Solution : More Lootz. To Be Continued.....
  11. The Guild previously known as Salty Murlocs, Is now known as Legends of Old. The guild got a new purpose and needed a name to fit that purpose. Like many great civilizations before us we will aim for world domination. If this happens to be on your bucket list you are more then welcome to join us. Majority of the members might be new but soon we will conquer castles like there is no tomorrow. For those that will join us, We salute you. We will uphold the law of the cosmos. We will enforce them if need be. And we will reign supreme.
  12. As the title implies everyone can just call me beef at all points. Lets start with the chars so far. Beefinator = Rune Knight BeefsShield = Royal Gaurd BeefsFarm = Ranger Malpurcio = Warlock More are in the making but thats it for now:P. I have been playing RO for about 8/9 years now in between other games. Been raiding on wow for even longer. The plan is to stick around for a while so lets enjoy our time together GZ. Beefinator