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  1. maybe decrease eclipse garnet & twilight ruby price, so we don't rely on those for farming money
  2. I take some opinions from some friends, here is the sum: Overall awakening system (which this is unique point from cosmos) is good, but is bad on executions. First, loot awakening make this worse. Its changing end gaming to abusing awaken, do awaken again and again. This also make economy didn't grow since gaining money/cash its so easy. Class are not balanced. Some class can do extremely high damage, lets says to mvp. So what's the point of multiplying MVP's HP? Its just make some class can solo high level mvps and other classes just become spectator. Some player is too OP. I mean there is a huge gap between OP player and regular player. It has corelation with first and second point above there. This server needs more readjusting and rebalancing and fixing some things. I know it's need more efforts. but for greater good.
  3. I help you to embed this image bruh here we go
  4. Okay to the point, as I said earlier to Yatohime. You lose your 1000 stat points (bonus from awakening) if you reset stat on NPC. You get your 1000 stat points again when you do loot awakening here some screenshot i take after reset stat: Pay attention at status point remaining and here screenshot after i done awakening, and set the same status the extra stat points is exact 1000 ========== Other bugs, its same situation: if you true awaken, for example my last loot awakening got 5100 points, after i do true awakening its same 5100 but then if I do loot awakening, its increase to 6100 sorry I have no proof yet, still lack of awaken ingredients, later I'll update this for screenshot
  5. okay, my turn IGN : Sir Gesbleg
  6. ar'rite!! thanks madam xD
  7. err Yato, for 1st quest (Memory of regret) are we need to bring all items, or there just one of them?