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  1. making back the stats become 130 will be kill our unique, although it'll be more easy to do rebalancing, that'll be our last resort, for awaken, maybe we can: 1. try to remove the cash and zeny rewards, leave the rewards only twilight ruby and eclipse 2. remove awaken loot, and then try giving the eclipse garnet or twilight ruby as additional rewwards for clearing stages, 3. add roulettes system for everyone in party that can give random rewards, either it is eclipse garnet, twilight ruby, rune fragment, old hg materials(which is based our end level gaming) that's for rewards instance, about rebalancing system, in pvm add more status buff monster blow damage +x% so that buff won't affect players(need more research) in pvp make 20x HP everytime entering the pvproom, bg, or woe, the after that, we just need to adjust some skills that use hp pool as main/additiional dmg
  2. ign: Mikupan this one is my pic when i was in junior school 12 yrs ago when in highschool current me bonus: me, sir gesbleg, tempakuy, and jupy