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  1. hmm i have skill points but cant raise i can raise it but when i apply its back and my skill points not reduced. you can check my char hime
  2. can you also check skill "Fallen Angel"? in description lv max 5 but i can't raise the level. just lv1. "jump to the targets location and active desperado" >> not process. just move/jump not active skill desperado. you can test it. here on rms description fallen angel skill
  3. hmm i did my eden quest by rebellion. but when i report it.... is there something wrong?
  4. hi, NWSA here.... call me onyik IGN: Merry D Alba just play. so guide me as well
  5. Name: NWSAntomo a.k.a "Onyik" In-Game Name: 0Nyik Gender (Optional): F Age (Optional): 24 Where did you learn about CosmosRO?: my bro What do you expect from the server?: I hope it's fun