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      7.5     Million Zenies / Person How To Claim #FORUM Post your Introduction post here http://forum.cosmosragnarok.com/index.php?/forum/16-introduce-yourself/ Name : Age : Girlfriend/Boyfriend : Where do you know Cosmos : Up 2 U ~! As long you introduce yourself!   Only players that recently joined as for 6 June 2017 , that can claim the rewards above.   Cheers, Yatohime
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  1. Welcome to the family Xeraph! Rewards already been send via RODEX CHeers!!
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    Welcome to the family Haruko! Rewards already been send via RODEX CHeers!!
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  6. Welcome to the family~ Rewards already been given Enjoy! Cheers~
  7. Added Signboard on NPC at Main Town , Caelestia Castellum From today and onwards , newly created account will receive Job Change Ticket 2nd,3rd and Transcendence [Account Bind]. (Old Player can claim those) Removed Heroic Backpack on Existance Points , only available on Event Points now. Added Poison Bottle into Arena Shop , and changed price for Acid/Grenade Bottle and Glistening Coat Ranked PVP Arena now will multiplied HP and SP for the player inside the arena , effect last till player dies,log out, go out from the arena Some Enchanted Star will be rebalanced soon enough cheers!
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    Welcome to the family Delwin! REwards already been send via maiL! Cheers! Enjoy
  9. Welcome to the family fast one! Rewards already been send . Cheers!
  10. SERVER UP!! Changelog will be posted later cheers!
  11. There will be Update for server source and also client side , there will be more usable features , interface and bug fixes! 25 October 2017 09:00 - 13 :00 GMT/UTC +8 Duration 4 Hours
  12. Welcome to the family GreenTea! Hope you enjoy REwards already been mailed via RODEX/Ingame Mail Cheers!
  13. Welcome to the family Qzhai! Rewards already been send! Cheers~
  14. Echidna , The Fire Mistress Fire Spirit HP : 200m to 250m First Phase of killing Fire Spirit from 1 to 3 Siren , The Siren Lament Siren HP -> 1.1b to 1.25b Water Spirit HP -> 200m to 250m Kraken phase will spawn randomly Kraken Leg on the map dies when kraken dies Lilith , The Midnight Maiden All Lilith Guardian HP Originally from 500m -> 100m , now become 75m Lilith Angel Holy 4 to Holy 1 Lilith Lord of Death , Shadow 4 to Shadow 3 Lilith HP from 750m to 666m Lilith, Holy 3 to Holy 2 Lilith DEF/MDEF 288/265 to 66/66 Hera , The Queen of Succubus Hera's Shadow HP from 5m to 7.5m
  15. Welcome to the family Yumeko! Newbie rewards already send via rodex/mail , dont forget to claim it! Cheers!