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  1. hmm its come from dungeon gate actually, current fix is to recreate party, still fixing this one also
  2. we still look at this issue
  3. There is happy hours that affect rates by 50%, and sunday is all day its from 75x base
  4. We will look into this, thanks
  5. Instance Monster is not included cheers
  6. This will be the last changelog for the year of 2017 and lets make 2018 great !! - Bash and Triangle Shot Enchanted Star Nerf - OGH Hard now fixed - Ranked PVP Bonus HP and SP cut half From 2018 onwards , CosmosRO will have its own episode aparts of Original Ragnarok updates So new items,raids and instance every now and then but we still follow Original Ragnarok episodes and updates. [ Upcoming January 2018 ] Cosmos Episode 1.0 : The Cosmos Awakening - Cosmos Rune Revamp - Shadow Gear Variation and Improvement - BG Improvement - Automated Event Improvement - New Monthly Special Event - Farm and Harvest Improvement - Dungeon Gate Limitation - More Unique Weapon Variation
  7. Hi my dear Cosmos Family~!! We are from Cosmos Team wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018!! Launched at February 2017 , Cosmos Ragnarok has built a small group of strong community! And we hope that 2018 will be a good year for us!! And we hope we can improve more as year goes by! This will be some changes that will be implemented by mid - end of January. And we hope that we will do this every now and then!! - Unique Weapon Improvement and Variation - Cosmos Rune System Improvement and Variation - Weapon Mastery revamp - Dungeon Gate limitation and improvement - Farm & Harvest System improvement - Server and Connection Improvement - more and more!! Happy Holiday guys!
  8. Christmas is coming to Cosmos!! 10 De cember 2017 - 24 January 2018 Special Event Monster has spawned at Lutie Field, Discastes Fields, and Manuk Fields. These event monster give decent amount of exp~! Cosmos Santa Poring (7000) Cosmos Xmas Jakk (7001) killing these special monster has a chance to spawn these special Boss and giving extra Special Event Token as rewards Ancient Antonio (7002) Legendary Hatii (7003) You can get Special Event Token as rewards and can be exchanged in the Special Event Shop [Special Event Shop] You can get exclusive Special Event Item such as Enchanted Starlight , Cosmos Costume Ticket , Special Event Card and others! NB: All Special Event Token will be deleted 1 week after Event Ended (1 February 2018) make sure to use all the Special Event Token!
  9. Don't get mad or too excited first , event start Monday 11 December Possible Monster : [MVP] Legendary Hatii [Mini Boss] Ancient Antonio Santa Poring Xmas Jakk Possible Special Event Item : Cosmos Costume Ticket +13 Weapon/Armor Ticket +9 Weapon/Armor Ticket Cosmos Gem Life Dust Life Essence Eclipse Garnet/Twilight Ruby Yggdrasil Berry Special Event Monster Card Anything not final and can be changed later on
  10. Bone Fletcher , Cliptec , Veronn , Brewtality and Hadoken . Gems already been send , mail me which costume
  11. There will be a Quick MT at 19:00 GMT+8 , Issue to fix Aura *hopefully Cheers , Yatohime
  12. Welcome to the family Xeraph! Rewards already been send via RODEX CHeers!!
  13. Welcome to the family YeQiu! Rewards already been send via RODEX CHeers!!
  14. Welcome to the family Kaoru! Rewards already been send CHeers!!
  15. Hii

    Welcome to the family Haruko! Rewards already been send via RODEX CHeers!!