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  1. Christmas is coming to Cosmos!! 10 De cember 2017 - 24 January 2018 Special Event Monster has spawned at Lutie Field, Discastes Fields, and Manuk Fields. These event monster give decent amount of exp~! Cosmos Santa Poring (7000) Cosmos Xmas Jakk (7001) killing these special monster has a chance to spawn these special Boss and giving extra Special Event Token as rewards Ancient Antonio (7002) Legendary Hatii (7003) You can get Special Event Token as rewards and can be exchanged in the Special Event Shop [Special Event Shop] You can get exclusive Special Event Item such as Enchanted Starlight , Cosmos Costume Ticket , Special Event Card and others! NB: All Special Event Token will be deleted 1 week after Event Ended (1 February 2018) make sure to use all the Special Event Token!
  2. Mining System Frequently Ask Question What is Mining System?? Mining system are Cosmos Ragnarok Custom system that enabled player to gain Universe Gems through non-MVP. How to mine?? To start Mining you need to buy the Mining Equipment on Mining Gear NPC at Maintown , [Hofftomps] NPC are located in maintown Caelestia Castellum (celestiaj,49,68) What are pickaxe?? Pickaxe are tools (weapons) to mine "Deposits" that available throughout several maps , without it you can't mine and only break the deposits! There are 4 differents level of pickaxe that required to mining , depends on the Deposits that you want to mine. Iron Pickaxe are level 1 pickaxe Steel Pickaxe are level 2 pickaxe Emveretacon Pickaxe are level 3 pickaxe Oridecon Pickaxe are level 4 pickaxe What are Deposits?? Deposits are "NPC" that contains Mining Ore that can be only accessed using Mining Pickaxe This is an example of a deposit. There are 2 Deposits throughout the game : The Normal One located on Mining Cave on Caelestia Garden What is Mining Rewards and How to Use them?? Mining Rewards are included from Jellopy Ore until Crystalyte Ore , that can be processed on [Miner Phillop] using Zeny. What are the rewards from Ore Processing?? Mining Rewards are Zeny, Universe Gem, Universe Pieces, and Rune Fragment. Others rewards may be get from Mining such as Oridecon, Gold, HD Oridecon, etc. What are the Universe Gem?? Universe Gem are Cosmos Special Item to trade cash point or exclusive items. There are: Cosmos Gem Twilight Ruby Eclipse Garnet Dawn Sapphire Sun Amber Moon Topaz [Miner Philop] Located in the front of Mining Cave What are the Universe Pieces?? Universe Pieces are broken shards of Universe Gem that can be combined to be full piece again. There are: Cosmos Piece Twilight Piece Eclipse Piece Dawn Piece Sun Piece Moon Piece What are Rune Fragment?? Rune Fragments are Fragments of Cosmos Ragnarok Runes that can be traded and refined to be a powerful Rune Where to exchange Mining Item?? You need to talk to NPC Gem Collector [Princess Lily] on the left side of Caelestia Castellum [Princess Lily] located on Caelestia Castellum (caelestia,44,89) She can exchange your Mining Item to wonderful rewards and exclusive Mining Gear.
  3. Don't get mad or too excited first , event start Monday 11 December Possible Monster : [MVP] Legendary Hatii [Mini Boss] Ancient Antonio Santa Poring Xmas Jakk Possible Special Event Item : Cosmos Costume Ticket +13 Weapon/Armor Ticket +9 Weapon/Armor Ticket Cosmos Gem Life Dust Life Essence Eclipse Garnet/Twilight Ruby Yggdrasil Berry Special Event Monster Card Anything not final and can be changed later on
  4. Bone Fletcher , Cliptec , Veronn , Brewtality and Hadoken . Gems already been send , mail me which costume
  5. There will be a Quick MT at 19:00 GMT+8 , Issue to fix Aura *hopefully Cheers , Yatohime
  6. Welcome to the family Xeraph! Rewards already been send via RODEX CHeers!!
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  11. WoE Shop Added WoE Shop on Guild Area at Caelestia Castellum *content and price may changes without notice Emperium HP on WOE changed to 70 from 350 Enchanted Sun Preview You can talk to Aria to take a look to Enchanted Sun , total of 150 different enchant available Upcoming 4 new Raids - The Fire Mistress - The Siren Lament - The Queen of Succubus - The Midnight Maiden
  12. Enchanted Star System What is Enchanted Star?? Enchanted Star is Cosmos Ragnarok exclusive features , it similar with Mora Enchant or Temporal Boots enchant ,but Enchanted Star only can be enchanted to Legendary Gear. Legendary Gear can be obtained through Dungeon Gate Raid System. Enchanted Star purpose is to bring back old meta or even create new gameplay to bring Ragnarok more alive. Enchanted Star Rarity and Tier?? Enchanted Star having 2 types Tier and Rarity. There are 3 Tiers of Enchanted Star , the first take ups the unused 2nd card slot and the last one take ups the unused 4th card slots. [ Image of where Enchanted Stars takes up] Each Tier have different Rarity from Common , Rare , and Unique. Higher Rarity giving higher bonus on enchanted star. Where to obtain Enchanted Star?? Enchanted Star Common rarity can be bought from [Geneva] , while Rare and Unique rarity can only be obtained from RAID and boxes. NB: Enchanted Star is new system and changes may be made in the future like status and bonuses. Here is the list of the Enchanted Stars that currently available : Enchanted Star Tier I Enchanted Star Tier II Enchanted Star Tier III
  13. Welcome to the family~ Rewards already been given Enjoy! Cheers~
  14. Added Signboard on NPC at Main Town , Caelestia Castellum From today and onwards , newly created account will receive Job Change Ticket 2nd,3rd and Transcendence [Account Bind]. (Old Player can claim those) Removed Heroic Backpack on Existance Points , only available on Event Points now. Added Poison Bottle into Arena Shop , and changed price for Acid/Grenade Bottle and Glistening Coat Ranked PVP Arena now will multiplied HP and SP for the player inside the arena , effect last till player dies,log out, go out from the arena Some Enchanted Star will be rebalanced soon enough cheers!
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  17. SERVER UP!! Changelog will be posted later cheers!
  18. There will be Update for server source and also client side , there will be more usable features , interface and bug fixes! 25 October 2017 09:00 - 13 :00 GMT/UTC +8 Duration 4 Hours
  19. Welcome to the family GreenTea! Hope you enjoy REwards already been mailed via RODEX/Ingame Mail Cheers!
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  21. Echidna , The Fire Mistress Fire Spirit HP : 200m to 250m First Phase of killing Fire Spirit from 1 to 3 Siren , The Siren Lament Siren HP -> 1.1b to 1.25b Water Spirit HP -> 200m to 250m Kraken phase will spawn randomly Kraken Leg on the map dies when kraken dies Lilith , The Midnight Maiden All Lilith Guardian HP Originally from 500m -> 100m , now become 75m Lilith Angel Holy 4 to Holy 1 Lilith Lord of Death , Shadow 4 to Shadow 3 Lilith HP from 750m to 666m Lilith, Holy 3 to Holy 2 Lilith DEF/MDEF 288/265 to 66/66 Hera , The Queen of Succubus Hera's Shadow HP from 5m to 7.5m
  22. Welcome to the family Yumeko! Newbie rewards already send via rodex/mail , dont forget to claim it! Cheers!
  23. Added 4 New RAID with 4 different RAID Set and Enchanted Sun - Echidna , The Fire Mistress [ Mob ID : 5115 , 5120 - 5124 ] - Siren , The Siren Lament [ Mob ID : 5116 , 5125 - 5129 ] - Lilith , The Midnight Maiden [ Mob ID : 5117 , 5130 - 5137 ] - Hera , The Queen of Succubus [ Mob ID : 5118 , 5138 - 5146 ] Fix Tempest (13198) [NPC] Aria , The Cosmos Traveller ( Aria is sitting outside of Caelestia Guild Hall ) She will help you to enchant the enchanted sun and giving preview list of enchanted Sun --Soon-- - Unique Weapon #1 [ Warlock ] El'Igna , The Primordial Flame Lagrimar , Flowing Aqua Tierra , Gaia Staff Phantasma , Dimensional Dagger - Client and Server updates - NPC Guide on Town
  24. WElcome to the family Sam! Your newbie rewards already been send via RODEX/MAIL , find the rodex icon on your upper right to claim it Cheers!
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