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  1. Currently Inventor Jaax in Payon Weapon/Armor Shop building can create almost any quiver, but Holy Arrows and Arrow of Counter Evil doesn't seem to be in the list. The Holy Arrow Quiver and Arrow of Counter Evil is already an existing item (Normally dropped by Agav, Echio, etc), so would it be possible to add an option to make these on the NPC? And about WOE arrows, would be possible to add a number of items to get in the investment npc in Malangdo? Like I need to get 1k tickets in Arrow S, and now the only way is trading manually 2 by 2. It takes a long time to trade all of that, and time to time I get the wrong stuff Is it possible to add a option to choose how many I want? or this would be enviable? Thank you.
  2. nice thread, saber!
  3. Hi, Can we get safe refine certificate for shadow equipments? Since its hard to get them. image hosting like this one maybe : image hosting
  4. IGN : NicoRobin Job : Ranger Screen shot :
  5. Some please tell me about this npc.. And how to obtain the coin?
  6. IGN : NicoRobin Number : 1, 4, 7
  7. Hi GMs, is this implemented yet?
  8. Hi Gms, Is there any guide for the new mining systems?
  9. HI mates! IGN : NicoRobin Iam Abet.
  10. Name: Abet In-Game Name: NicoRobin Gender (Optional): male Age (Optional): 27 Where did you learn about CosmosRO?: friends (IGN: Riff) What do you expect from the server?: more and interesting event Thank you.