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  1. 33th Awakening. 37th Awakening. 40th Awakening. 45th Awakening.
  2. Awakening auras update (since i can't see it on rev's post) 1st Awakening. 3rd Awakening. 5th Awakening. 7th Awakening. 12th Awakening. 15th Awakening. 18th Awakening. 21st Awakening. 22nd Awakening. 25th Awakening. 27th Awakening. 30th Awakening. and DANG that upload limit...
  3. spoilers for gear awakening plsss. dont tease us.. T.T
  4. Hi guys ! I'm Jimmy, aka Dark. Since CosmosRO has their own unique quests board, i just wanna share on how to level up fast without stress and imba EQs. (some might need you to be decently geared tho). I'll seperate this for newcomers and for awakenings too. Newcomers. First off, let's start with the beginning of your journey in CosmosRO. Novice. You start off at Cosmos OdinsTemple. (the floating temple?). You can skip all these to instantly go to Castellum or anywhere you like, but, i recommend you stay for the easy quests and imba CosmosRO equipments that gives tons of stats and exp % boost. (this will help A LOT later on in the game) That will get you to approx level 27, with job level 10. (32 base level if happy hour is on) Great ! Now you're already job level 10 ! Time to choose your path (job). Go to your designated job changer and change to your 1st job immediately. Sadly, there's no job changer here unless you're a newcomer with Newbie Package provided by the GMs of CosmosRO. DONT FOR GET TO LEVEL UP BASIC SKILL TO 9 ! Once you changed, @go 0 and to your right, there is a quest board. Head on over to Cosmos Quest, and choose Hunting Quest. Pick Poring Hunting. Go north a bit, there is a warper there, head on to either Prontera Field 08, or use the Leveling Area 0 - 20. Hunt 50 Porings. Do use your Battle Manual to boost exp a bit. Finished with 50 Porings? DON'T SUBMIT the quest yet, head on to whatever leveling area you're at, (use the warper > leveling area) and max your job level. Dont forget to add points/skills to make it easier. ( I personally just went with some dex, str and high agi to make things easier. You can later reset your stats/skill points via the Utilities npc. xx/50 (xx base level, 50 job level) Change your job to whichever job you like first. Once you've done, remember the poring quest ? Submit it when you changed your Job at job level 50. Voila ! You're already at 2nd job 99/50. Easy huh ? xD Transcendent ! ( I dont think i need to explain this, just do the quest with 1.3m zeny OR use the trans ticket provided) Back to 1/1 (after trans) Easy, just repeat the steps up there, but this time, with Hornet Hunting quest. Same steps, DONT SUBMIT once you're finished. Get your job to max again, change to your trans job then submit. You should be 99/70 by now. Head on over to your 3rd Job quest, and complete it. 99/1 (after 3rd job quest) Once again, head on over to hunting quest, this time around, choose Peco Peco Hunting quest. Head on over Sograt Dessert 01. Hunt them and this time, submit the quest. DONT FORGET TO USE YOUR BATTLE MANUALS ! xx/xx (i cant really determine what level and job level you're at, since i have VIP on) This is the part where, it gets a little bit challenging. Go to the quest board. Instead of hunting quest, choose gathering quests. There's tons of quest to choose from with a level limit but i will show you the easy ones that i always do and where to hunt them easily. Dragon's Jewel = 50 Poison Spore. Hunt Poison Spore at Mjolnir Field 06. This is pretty easy and the spawn is a lot too. The Tamruan = 50 Tassels. Hunt Tamruan at Ayothaya Dungeon, Inside Ancient Shrine. The Mermaid's Heart = 50 Hearts of mermaid. Hunt Iara at Brasilis Dungeon 02. Glass Frame = 50 Red Frame. My FAV quest. Head on to prontera and copy paste this "/navi pront 107/89". Buy the Red Frames. Careful, its quite heavy. Fluffly Cloud = 50 Cloud Crumb. Hunt Taoist Hermit at Gonryun Dungeon 03. Metallic Fragment = 50 Metal Fragment. Hunt Apocalypse at Juperos Dungeon, 2nd stage. Its basically the tower(?) with a light shining on there. Just step in and a dialog will appear. THIS IS QUITE HARD FOR NEWCOMERS. AWARE. The Pestle = 50 Yaga's Pestle. Hunt Baba Yaga at Moscovia Dungeon 03. Click on milestones to advance to the next area. Zombie's Skull = 50 Clattering Skulls. Hunt Zombie Slaughter or Ragged Zombie at Cursed Abbey 02. OR you can wait for Zombie Invasion event that happens at 7.00am/pm / 1.00am/pm server time. xD Dragon's Mane = 50 Dragon's Mane. Hunt Draco at Niddhogg Dungeon. Careful, this place has Aqua Elementals. And they tend to freeze you.. A LOT. Darkness Rune = 50 Rune of Darkness. Hunt Skeggiold at Odins Temple 03. This is quite challenging for newcomers, make sure you're geared a bit before doing this. Fang of Zenorc = 50 Fang of Zenorc. Hunt Zenorc at Orc Dungeon 02. Black Hair = 50 Black Hair. Hunt Sohee at Payon Dungeon 03 The Feeler = 50 Insect Feeler. Hunt Thief Bug Male at Culvert 04. Rotten Bandage = 50 Rotten Bandage. Hunt Zombie Prisoners at Glast Heim Dungeon, Underground Prison 02. Pickup manacles as well as it is needed for Pinapples Quest too. The Mask = 50 Cultish Masque. Hunt Marduk at Sphinx 03. The Reef = 50 Coral Reefs. Hunt Penomena at Clock Tower Basement 03. OR a really cool trick is, go sealed dungeon Easy mode, clear some mobs at the front, and there should be some penomena waiting for you in a line. Spam this sealed to get your Coral Reefs. Pineapples = 50 Manacles. The same as Rotten Bandage, Zombie Prisoners. THIS NEXT LIST ARE MOBS FROM THE NEW WORLD. For Newcomers, it might be hard, but after you get your equipments set, it should be doable. Book's Memory = 40 Bookclip in Memory. Hunt Antique Book at Bifrost tower 02 or 03 if you're geared enough. if not, stay in 01. Magic Angel Powder = 40 Angel's Magic Powder. Hunt Little Fatum at Bifrost Field 02. So Fancy Fairy's Wing = 40 Fancy Fairy's Wing. Hunt Menblatt at Eclage Field 01. WARNING ! THIS PLACE IS A LAGFEST EVEN FOR AN AVERAGED UPGRADED PC. Just not cooked Acorn = 40 Unripe Acorn. Hunt Petals at Eclage Field 01. Same as menblatt, but the spawn rate is .....meh. When you got so many criminals = 40 Handcuffs. Hunt mobs at Bio Labs 02. I forgot which one drops this. use @whodrops pls. Research Chart = 40 Research Chart. Hunt mobs at Bio Labs 02. Same reason as the above. xD use @whodrops plox. That is basically it. That's what i do to max level quickly and kinda easily. (its super easy once you get a geared character that can solo hunt all of these with ease) AWAKENERS ! (is this even a word?) Basically, the same gathering quests BUT, if you wanna jump far by quite a lot, take one Hunting quest. The True xxx = 10 of Nightmare Biolabs mobs. It is doable, just takes time. Here's how it's done, once you get to max, take this quest. HUNT THEM 1ST BUT DON'T SUBMIT. AWAKEN 1ST, USE YOUR BATTLE MANUALS AND COSMOSRO CUSTOM EXP ITEMS (HAT,GLASSES, WINGS, BADGE). YOU SHOULD BE AT LVL 150++. Well that's it guys. Happy Leveling ! jimzayyy
  5. still doesn't answer my question tho. why the hp buff ? you already nerfed the star enchants, thus making our dps even lower. we did one run just now, and you know what, 15mins in, the boss is still at around 90% hp. if Cromwell doesn't help, we would be in there for all the time limit available for the raid. and how do you expect for people to stay for more than 1 run if the boss has like 500m hp and 1 run would take around 2 - 3 hours to complete ?
  6. i'm aware that this "raiding" is an endgame content, yes, it was supposed to be hard, and yes, possible IF the server has more population. but as of right now, the peak players (aside from autotraders) is only at 20 - 30 ish CHARACTERS, not PLAYERS.. i do agree that the enchants must be nerfed coz some combinations are OP but, does it make any sense to buff the dragon's hp ? you nerf it, then you further increase the dragon's hp ? why ? getting a whole 12 PLAYERS in a party is not near easy. and to overcome the hoards of mobs, with skills at that (earth spike, frost diver etc etc) one shots 2 3 or even all players is not really good to experience. i really hope you do change something FOR THE TIME BEING, seeing the server is at this state. you can further buff the dragon/mobs when more people join this server. just letting out what's in my mind.
  7. Jimmy here ! pls excuse my messy hair, starting to tie em. hahaha.