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  1. Hi, currently the cooldown time for vote for credits is set as 12 hours. Can we reduce the cooldown time to 8 hours but increase the cost of item by 1/3 instead? Or increase the number of votes required by 1/3 before you get a coin. It balance out in the end but still give people the opportunity to vote twice a day instead of once a day. Thank you
  2. Hi, can the cooldown of instance be reset at every 12midnight server time instead of 24 hours since the last time you entered the instance? Or is it possible to shorten the cooldown time to 18 hours or 20 hours instead of 24 hours? Sometimes we have to deliberately delay 1 day just so we can do the instance together with others due to timing issue... thank you
  3. Name: Lim In-Game Name: hopengyu Where did you learn about CosmosRO?: topg.org What do you expect from the server?: reliving old memories Very excited to join this community. See you in game!