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  1. So if i want to have my dark dragon helm to be +13, i need another one of that? Like its the replacement for elunium/oridecon/life essence?
  2. ign: Ulquiorra Cifer 4, 5, 7 EDITED BY ME: GM RETPIRCS
  3. Can you please make the atk speed gain default because my RK got 110+ 38 agi with agility up, berserk pots and twohand quicken only have 179 atk speed. Like what the hell is that?! I'm like my characters fast and it bores me to see that i do have that kind of stats and buffs yet i can't achieve the full potential of my atk speed. Another thing, bowling bash casting time to long with 50 + 30 something dex. I can't spam it because I'm not fast enough and it takes to long to cast. Please consider this because in PvM everyone needs atks speed and cast time. I'm not hoping for full atk speed and no cast skill but I think the server will be much better if this two attributes are properly applied.
  4. HI~

    Name : julz In Game Nickname : SingSing Age : 23 Where do I know Cosmos : Friend What do I expect ? To explore 3rd job even more