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  1. Love the server and enjoyed getting the levels but a guide to point newbies on a good starting journey would be great. Nothing spoon fed or anything but at least an outline of what would be a suggested park if you want to join events. So much to do but it could end up intimidating other players if they don't get some direction.
  2. Thank you Yatohime. That was much appreciated.
  3. Ign : Drugnarok I'm the one wearing red. huehuehue
  4. Hello - I heard a voice in my head that says i can find victi..i mean friends here. I'm totally normal and not unhinged in any way? Name: Definitely not Norman Bates, at least i think so. Call me Wil. Yup that sounds about right. In-Game Name: Master`Miser Where did you learn about CosmosRO?: RMS What do you expect from the server?: Long life, fairness and fun. WHO SAID THAT? Sure is noisy around here. Oh hi there! Let's have fun. ಠ‿ಠ