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  1. Sorry for bringing this up late... but I'm kind of dissapointed by how the rebalancing affects the server, and i want to speak my mind... i'd like to say a few opinion: 1. the 130 max stat change, and things related to stats (removing bonus stat and instant cast) is a very sensitive attempt. It's the foundation of the server and the thing most people would look at first before other special features... so it'll greatly shock the characters to have to cope with a lower stat while they want to play in a high status setting. besides, the bonus and the high stat gives all characters versatility... you can give your character great damage dealing with 250 str / int while giving them decend tanking, decent evasion and lucky dodge + being able to carry lots of weight... it gives a sense of freedom to be able to hunt, gather equips, farm, and MVP with any jobs (it helps people who just wanna make 1 to 3 characters). 2. the awakening system can be put a limit if it makes all status 255 OP... around 5000 to 6000 extra stat and 30 extra skill can give characters a few boosts and more skill choices on certain jobs without making them OP. 3. to stop people from abusing the awakening to gather loot, i suggest doing minor changes like removing battle manual and reducing the ROTD... like 0.3% per kill on scaraba at lvl 150 gives people the "mid rate" experience... the prev version gives 2% per kill on 174 and makes it 8% per kill with battle manual (i tried and i can awaken every 8 minutes)... it feels more like a super high rate than a mid rate. and the garnet & ruby price to 250.000 each is convenient. it gives people challenges to find alternative ways to farm zeny. 4. reducing MVP hp depends on the condition, but i don't think it can balance all jobs to be able to MVP nicely... in ANY server... acid demonstration and ashura have always been the most popular MVPing skill... and even if you make a warlock with a full MVP damage eq, they still can't beat genetics with no equip at all in killing bosses (except ghost element)... 255, 130, or even 99 max stat... so i think 255 max stat doesn't balance all jobs in MVPing, but it gives other jobs more chance to stand their ground against MVPs (thou still, genetic and sura deals the most dps to most MVPs). 5. i find biolab old headgears to be quite OP as well... that single equip can make a character deal godlike damage even with a decent, not high end equip set... i see most renewal equipments need to be a full set or a list of mild damage+ equips to make damage big, and this 1 headgear surpasses the whole set. sorry for the long post... been wanting to express this but just gathered the courage to do so just now... hope it might give some ideas if you're recondisering other alternatives to balance the server
  2. My Turn IGN: Sano... SorcererSano, GeneticSano, etc...