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Found 4 results

  1. After awakening, the character should get one skill point, if memory serves me well. I did not get any.
  2. Today I will show you our new feature "Awakening Auras". It is pretty straightforward, your aura and name colour depends on how many times you used "True Awaken" from our awakening npc at main town. As long as you have the required True Awakening count, getting aura or name is easy! Just talk to the NPC! As you can see there are 2 new options (3 and 4) Awaken Aura and Awaken Color Name. This guide covers Awaken Aura part. So go ahead and click that! You will see Aura names and along with them (x TA) indicators. This means you have to be awakened "x" times in order to use that aura. For example "Spell Aura (12TA)" means in order to use that Spell Aura you need to be awakened at least 12 times. It is not hard to navigate with the NPC. So without further due I will show you what auras look like. 1- Cosmos Aura (1TA) 2-Aura of King (3TA) 4-Sakura Aura (5TA) 5-Red Wave Aura (7TA) 6-Spell Aura (12TA) 7-Heart Aura (15TA) 8-Alchemist Aura (18TA) 9-Apple Aura (21TA) 10-Strawberry Aura (22TA)
  3. Okay to the point, as I said earlier to Yatohime. You lose your 1000 stat points (bonus from awakening) if you reset stat on NPC. You get your 1000 stat points again when you do loot awakening here some screenshot i take after reset stat: Pay attention at status point remaining and here screenshot after i done awakening, and set the same status the extra stat points is exact 1000 ========== Other bugs, its same situation: if you true awaken, for example my last loot awakening got 5100 points, after i do true awakening its same 5100 but then if I do loot awakening, its increase to 6100 sorry I have no proof yet, still lack of awaken ingredients, later I'll update this for screenshot
  4. Hi GMs! I already talked to Eredin and Yato about this, but I'll also post the details (and screenshots) here so they don't have to retell the whole story to the team: I tried to use True Awaken on my SC Focaccia Smith for the second time earlier. I had the required 2 Cosmos Gems, 4 Twilight Rubies, 10 Eclipse Garnets and 5M zeny, but when I finished talking to the NPC, I was reset to level 1/1 but my name wasn't announced and all the required items and zeny were still with me. At first I thought I accidentally clicked on Loot Awaken instead, but I checked my inventory and I never got any rewards. No cash points, no extra zeny, no additional gems--and I wasn't 50% overweight before I used the system so there's no chance the reward items got dropped. Also, whenever I tried to do Loot or True Awaken before, all my gear with level requirements automatically got taken off. This time, they remained on until I warped to another town as per Eredin's instructions. Below are the screenshots of the problem: Screenie 1: Level 1/1, 0 cash points, all True Awaken requirements are still in the Etc tab of my inventory Screenie 2: No Loot Awakening rewards in the Consumables tab of my inventory Screenie 3: No Loot Awakening rewards in the Equipment tab of my inventory Screenie 4: No Loot Awakening rewards in the Fav tab of my inventory Screenie 5: Gear with level requirements didn't get taken off until I warped to another town Please let me know if there's anything else you need from me so you can solve this case more easily. Thanks, guys!