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  1. Mining System Frequently Ask Question What is Mining System?? Mining system are Cosmos Ragnarok Custom system that enabled player to gain Universe Gems through non-MVP. How to mine?? To start Mining you need to buy the Mining Equipment on Mining Gear NPC at Maintown , [Hofftomps] NPC are located in maintown Caelestia Castellum (celestiaj,49,68) What are pickaxe?? Pickaxe are tools (weapons) to mine "Deposits" that available throughout several maps , without it you can't mine and only break the deposits! There are 4 differents level of pickaxe that required to mining , depends on the Deposits that you want to mine. Iron Pickaxe are level 1 pickaxe Steel Pickaxe are level 2 pickaxe Emveretacon Pickaxe are level 3 pickaxe Oridecon Pickaxe are level 4 pickaxe What are Deposits?? Deposits are "NPC" that contains Mining Ore that can be only accessed using Mining Pickaxe This is an example of a deposit. There are 2 Deposits throughout the game : The Normal One located on Mining Cave on Caelestia Garden What is Mining Rewards and How to Use them?? Mining Rewards are included from Jellopy Ore until Crystalyte Ore , that can be processed on [Miner Phillop] using Zeny. What are the rewards from Ore Processing?? Mining Rewards are Zeny, Universe Gem, Universe Pieces, and Rune Fragment. Others rewards may be get from Mining such as Oridecon, Gold, HD Oridecon, etc. What are the Universe Gem?? Universe Gem are Cosmos Special Item to trade cash point or exclusive items. There are: Cosmos Gem Twilight Ruby Eclipse Garnet Dawn Sapphire Sun Amber Moon Topaz [Miner Philop] Located in the front of Mining Cave What are the Universe Pieces?? Universe Pieces are broken shards of Universe Gem that can be combined to be full piece again. There are: Cosmos Piece Twilight Piece Eclipse Piece Dawn Piece Sun Piece Moon Piece What are Rune Fragment?? Rune Fragments are Fragments of Cosmos Ragnarok Runes that can be traded and refined to be a powerful Rune Where to exchange Mining Item?? You need to talk to NPC Gem Collector [Princess Lily] on the left side of Caelestia Castellum [Princess Lily] located on Caelestia Castellum (caelestia,44,89) She can exchange your Mining Item to wonderful rewards and exclusive Mining Gear.
  2. Name: DAwn In-Game Name: DawnRanger Gender (Optional): Female Age (Optional): ? Where did you learn about CosmosRO?: found this server through my colleagues. What do you expect from the server?: For this server to be just fun and still competitive.. of course to make some new friends
  3. -Server moved to a better Host. -Moved maintown to Caelestia Castellum , Town of Friendship. [email protected] 0 now Caelestia Castellum. -Added Baby Job Changer (Novice-> Baby Novice) -Added cut-in sprites to several NPCs and fixed NPC-related bugs. -Added Horror Toy Factory instance. -Add @me to players. Happy Playing!! CosmosRO Team~
  4. Cosmos Ragnarok Online Server Information 1. About Cosmos Ragnarok is all about fun and a lovely community server, and we will be delighted to see you here. Enjoy your stay! This will give you brief and short information about our server. PS: We don't have a Job Changer NPC. It is intended, have fun questing the usual way~! 2. Main Information · Base/Job Exp: 75x/75x · MVP Exp: 100x · Quest Exp: 200x · Heal Exp: 5x · Drop Rates: 25x (Algorithmic tables) · Normal Card: 0.10% · MVP Card: 0.01% · Max Level: 175/70 (Both for 3rd classes and expanded classes) · Max Status: 130 · Max ASPD: 194 · Homunculus Loyality: 7x · Party Sharing: 100 levels · Party Share Bonus: +5 Member +40% EXP · Abracadabra: Enabled · Hairstyle: 84 Different styles for both male and female to choose from · Costume: Alternative costumes for many job classes 3. Features · Alternative Outfits · Awakening System · Daily Rewards · Crimson Weapons · Weekend Rush · Leveling Curve · Mining Implemented & Working · Universal Gems & Exchangers · Weapon Mastery · Gambling Area · Player Housing · Runes of Power 4. NPC List · Stylist and Alternate Stylist · Settings NPC · Build Manager NPC · Healer · Warper (Dungeon enterance only) · Reset Stats & Reset Skills NPC · Card Removal Service · Rental Service · PVP Arena & Duel Arena & GvG Arena · Battlegrounds (with @joinbg easy access) · Cosmos Exchanger (Gem and Cash Exchanger) · Event Manager and Event Shop · Mining NPC · Refiner: Easy Refine,Ticket Refinement, Shadow Equipment & Rune Refiner · Platinum Skills NPC · Awakening NPC · Gambling Area 5. Instances · Geffen Magic Tournament · Ghost Palace · Isle of Bios · Horror Toy Factory · Nightmarish Jitterbug · Sarah Memory · Wolfchev Laboratory · Old Glast Heim · Eclage Interior · Hazy Forest · Bakonawa Lake · Bangungot Hospital · Buwaya Cave · Octopus Cave · Malangdo Culvert · Orcs Memory · Nydhoggs Nest · Sealed Shrine · Endless Tower · *SOON* Charleston Crisis · *SOON* Airship Assault · *SOON* Aincard 6. Player Commands · @rates · @refresh · @autotrade · @exp · @itemınfo / ii · @help · @noask · @storage · @breakguild · @autoloottype · @charcommands · @go · @alootid · @noks · @time · @uptime · @channel · @showexp · @changegm · @showdelay · @accept · @afk · @whereis · @whodrops · @leave · @showzeny · @hominfo · @invite · @commands · @jailtime · @langtype · @request · @autoloot · @homstats · @duel · @mobinfo · @weaponinfo/wi (Weapon Mastery System) · @mining (Mining System) · @mall · @joinbg · @autopot Everything here is subject to change depending on various circumstances. Players may or may not be informed in advance concerning changes. Creating an account willingly on the server will be perceived as an agreement upon terms between player and server. All products, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement. © 2017 COSMOS RAGNAROK ONLINE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.