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[Features] Ranked PVP

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Ranked PVP


Cosmos RO Ranked PVP are designed to test players Individual capabillity as they compete with everyone to climb the rank of Prestige Point and gain PVP Point.The objective is very simple that kill everybody that entering the ranked match using PVP Style Battleground Mechanic. This guide will explain more about Cosmos Rank PVP System , including how to register , obtaining points , and trading them in-game.


Information and Rules


Unique ID Restrictions , by using Gepard Shield to get player's Unique ID , we can determined if the person is single handedly alone using multi-client.

Fair Play Rules , we can't guarantee 100% that player's won't abuse to get kill and getting killed. So we will keep an eye on every match (LOGGED) and also player's help to identify abusing.

Healing Items, healings item on Ranked PVP are disabled and players only can use free potion given when entering the match, Cosmos Red Potion and Cosmos Blue Potion

Additionals Items, Items that can be used also are Cosmos Green Potion and also Cosmos  Boost Potion.

Free Pots, don't worry about supply on ranked match! We have got your back! Free potion are given when entering the match , and it can only be used on Battleground or Ranked PVP Match.


Ranked PVP Mechanics


Ranked PVP using Battleground mechanics that means, damage are hidden and also reduced overall damage on attack and skills. So there will be rare chance to get kill by 1 hit.

Ranked PVP restricts some items that could imbalance the match. Such as Old Bio Headgears, Instances Rewards, and Cosmos's Rune. So every player feel the competition even doesnt need grind.

(Unrestricted PVP System will be cooming soon)


Point System

Ranked PVP have 2 points. Its Prestige Point and PVP Points.

Prestige Point determine the rank or value of the players. Higher Prestige Points means the players is survived through many combats and kill!

PVP Point are get by killing each other and cant be decreased by any means. It used to buy PVP Shop content on Cosmos Ragnarok.


In other words, thank you for choosing Cosmos Ragnarok and we hope you enjoy our features~! Suggestion and comment needed !

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