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Beef's guide to the galaxy Part 2.

1 post in this topic

Beef's minor suggestion list & and big explanations on why.

Everything in this post is according to my own opinion.


1# Edp & Acid Demostration(Bottle Grenade & Acid Bottle)


I think that the removal of farmable ingredients and the end products of those from the @mall shops would be beneficial for the player economy.


Currently there is little reason for players to farm.


Receiving the original 500K zeny from tutorial gives players enough zeny to buy the Edp & Acid demo. materials.


Which allows them to start Mvp hunting with very little effort basicly.


Because of the shop prices you can hardly have an economy on those since you need to be cheaper then npc shops for players to buy it from the vending area.



Possible solution :Removing these items from the Npc shops. (and possibly others that can simply be farmed, including Stone of Sage)



2# Leveling area 150-175


I have been wondering and frequently asked where people should level.


In general i can direct players into the right direction except for the level range of 150-175.


Simply put the advice everyone gets is just go do infinity, But unlike non-renewal abby.


It's kinda hard to get decent exp with a not so geared party.


Once you bump into the Mvp's their hp pools wont be overcome without the proper gear for it.


Conclusion : I like the way the infinity dungeon works and feels, But i would like to have an alternative so new players(and older) that preffer a more solo style of play can also achieve 175 at a decent rate.



3# Slower cost rate for the beautifull awakening system


With the title being said it's mainly the dreamflowers.


From my understanding the cost of the true awakenings goes up by a lot once you are around your 4th awakening.


Taking into consideration that there is an Exp penalty with every true awakening i don't think the dreamflowers should be another major cap on how fast someone can do another awakening.



Possible solution : More ways of obtaining dreamflowers then sharing sealed dungeon loot and voting for points.


Lessen the dreamflower cost rate so more awakenings are accesable at the start.


Maybe make the growth expedential after the 14th awakening(70% exp decrease).

PS. I still Love this system Yato.



4# English in all chat.


On RMS the servers main language is presented as english yet players have complete freedom to use other languages in all chat aswell.


I understand that it's easier to explain stuff in your main language, But from my point of view talking in another language infront of the rest of the community is rude.


The option to wisper, form a party and talk in party chat or even making a guild and talk in guild chat is there for a reason.



Possible solution : not sure about this one.



To Be Continued.....

Everything in this post is based of my own opinion and is not meant to offend other people.

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