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Beef's guide to the galaxy Part 2,5. PvP Edition 1.

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Ranked PvP Edition

Everything in this post is based on my own opinion.


First of all :  I don't know if these suggestions are remotly possible or not.


These are just ideas that i think would be a nice addition to the server.


This post also serves as purpose to know if other people would like it.



1# PvP Seasons


A PvP season would be the time period for a ranking system.


Based on your ranking, rewards would be given.

(possibly titles, aura's and such)


During every season only a specific pvp set would be viable.

(This way new players have the same shot older players have in terms of gear)



2# Ranking System


This system would award points based on winning/draw and substract based on losses.


Arena style pvp (2 vs 2), (3 vs 3) based on a time limit.

Elimenating the enemy team will result in a win.

Your teams elimenation will result in a loss.

Having atleast 1 member alive of both teams when the time runs out will result in a draw.



Adding the battlegrounds to this system would also work nicely.



3# Seasonal gear


Basicly rental pvp gear.


This way you will work your way towards pvp gear every season.


Giving all players a good fighting chance even the new ones.




To Be Continued.....







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