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[Update] 1 March 2017

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-Token of Siegfried added on Event Shop and Cash Shop.

-Events are automated now.

-Event NPC added, talking to NPC will give information about every event.

-Event prizes changed to Event Points or Eclipse Garnets.

-Added a daily quest for Eclipse Garnet and Cash Points.

-Fixed Awakening System and Reset NPC relations

-Lowered EDP Poison Bottle prices

-Changed PVP arena (Izlude was too big).

-Added PVP Ladder.

[email protected] command added for players.

-Create Deadly Poison skill cooldown reduced to 0

-Experience tables are altered above level 150 to make leveling more challenging.

-Race of the Day bug fixed. No more insane experience.

-Fixed minor bug on Warper NPC.


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