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[Features] Arena System ( PVP )

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Cosmos Player vs Player System

~ Free Arena

1. Free Arena [All Class]  : Free Potion and Free for All ( No Restrictions )

2. [Training] Ranked Arena : Free Potion rules same as Rank Arena

3. Izlude [Baby vs Baby] : Special for baby.

~ Rank Arena

Cosmos Custom Ranked PVP Arena! FUN! BALANCE! COMPETITIVE!

Rewards :

Arena Points can be gained daily. Required to battle at least once each day to claim the points in the next day. Arena Point gained according to Division.

Arena Points also can be gained from each kills/deaths , by 2 and 1 respectively.

Arena Points used to buy :

  • Legendary Gears
  • Vellum Weapons
  • WoE Gears
  • Limited Headgears : Gigantic Bapho Horns, White Tiger Hat,Bascojin Hat,etc.
  • [WIP] Shadow Gears
  • [WIP] Limited Cosmos Custom Items

Rules :

1. No @command available 

2. No Healing Potion can be used

3. No force quit by logging out ( Exit Warper Available on the middle of the map ), exiting by logging out or disconnected will reduce your current Prestige Points.

4. Damage Rules according to battleground , Attack 50% Skills 30% Flee Penalty 25%

5. Cosmos Custom Items are disabled except Legendary Gear and Enchanted Star

6. Arena Ranking will be reseted weekly, and players Prestige Points goes down to default Prestige Points their division at.

7. Abusing and Intentional Feeding will be punished accordingly, having prestige points and arena points deleted.

Gameplay :

1. Players will be warped on Square Arena doing FREE FOR ALL Battle

2. Killing Players gain Prestige Points.

3. Bronze III Division can't get reduced Points.

4. You will gain more points rather than you loses.

5. Exiting the Arena using Warper in the middle , takes 10 seconds

Tables for Rank Division and Daily Arena Points


 Prestige Points 

 Daily Arena Points Rewards 


  Rank 1 and 9500 Prestige Points  

  2000 points  

  Challenger I  

  12.500 Prestige  

  1400 points  

  Challenger II  

  10.000 Prestige  

  1200 points  

  Challenger III  

  9.500 Prestige  

  1000 points  

  Diamond I  

  9.000 Prestige  

  800 points  

  Diamond II  

  8.500 Prestige  

  700 points  

  Diamond III  

  8.000 Prestige  

  600 points  

  Star I  

  7.250 Prestige  

  500 points  

  Star II  

  6.500 Prestige  

  475 points  

  Star III  

  6.000 Prestige  

  450 points  

  Gold I  

  4.750 Prestige  

  400 points  

  Gold II  

  4.000 Prestige  

  375 points  

  Gold III  

  3.500 Prestige  

  350 points  

  Silver I  

  3.000 Prestige  

  300 points  

  Silver II  

  2.250 Prestige  

  275 points  

  Silver III  

  1.750 Prestige  

  250 points  

  Bronze I  

  1.250 Prestige  

  200 points  

  Bronze II  

  750 Prestige  

  150 points  

  Bronze III  

  1 Prestige  

  100 points  

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