Server Changes and Features

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Server Features Custom Maintown : Caelestia Castellum   The heart of the Cosmos Universe, where players from different alternate universe gather to  explore Kingdom of Rune Midgard Caelestia Guild Hall   Location : Top Right of Caelestia Castellum   Available NPC :    Elaine - Donation Redemption and GM Enquiry    Utillities NPC - Platinum Skills, Rental NPC, Reset Status/Skills, Manage Build    Universal Remover - Remove Card, Enchant, and Hidden Potential    Exchanger Errin - Trade Zeny into Coin and Vice Versa&Trade Unused cards to Gambling Point    Geneva - Enchanted Star NPC    Adelaide - Trade certain equip to safe refine ticket    Einztin - Trade certain loots into White Slim Potion    Cosmos Coin Shop - Trade Cosmos Coin to certain items    Caelestia Guild Buffer - Buff all stats with Cosmos Coin    Cat in the Hat Guild NPC - Headgear Quest and Special Headgear/Item Quest Storage Expansion  Cosmos Ragnarok player will have total of 8 obtainable Storage   By default players have 2 default storage , each having 600 max capacity  The other 6 are , VIP Storage and Premium Storage 1-5  VIP Storage unlocked while VIP Status is running   Premium Storage can be unlocked using Zeny or Credits Point (Donation) and its permanent Awakening System - Cosmos Special Drops  Killing any monster will have a chance to drops Cosmos Special Items  0.02% to obtain Eclipse Garnet  0.05% to obtain any Harvest Seeds(except Life Essence,Dream Flower,Golden Apple,and Holy Ygg)  0.05% to obtain Holy Yggdrasil Seeds   0.01% to obtain Life Essence Seeds  0.001% to obtain Dream Flower Seeds  0.001% to obtain Golden Apple Seeds  0.02% to obtain Cosmos Coin  0.005% to obtain Hero's Scroll  0.001% to obtain Life Essence  0.0005% to obtain Dream Flower  0.0005% to obtain Golden Apple Happy Hours +50% Exp and +50% Drops at these hours Monday to Saturday 6 AM - 8 AM Server Time GMT +8 6 PM - 8 PM Server Time GMT +8  Sunday All Day Point Rewards  Cosmos has many obtainable points that can be trade for various of items , you can check your  point using @point  - Existence Points [Hourly Points] - You will get 10 Existence Points for 1 hour you login in the game , and got some bonuses for online 3 consecutive hours.  - Event Points - Event Points comes from Automated Event and Game Master Hosted events, and also come from item called Event Rune.  - Gambling Points - Obtain these points using your unused cards on Exchanger Errin. It allow you to gamble on Jackpot Machines, Blackjack, and more to come.  - Instance Points - Obtain these points clearing any instance and several Dungeon Gates.  - PVP/Arena Points - Join the ranked pvp and battle Free For All for everyone! These point can be obtained daily according to rank and also each kill/death  - Vote Points - Vote Us and claim it on the website Harvest System - Mining System - Fishing System - WIP Enchanted Star  This system allowed a spesific headgear to be enchanted with Cosmos special enchant `Enchanted Star` . This Enchant can boost underused skills and job so it become playable to made a different kind of build.   Dungeon Gate & Raid  Cosmos Universe itself is alternate universe of Rune of Midgard. Via Dungeon Gate ,  you can travel to various unknown place to obtain Legendary Item and Exclusive Gear.  Raid is end-game PVE content on Cosmos Universe,  it allow group of players to raid spesific boss to gain various loots items List of Raid :  - The Dark Dragon  - The Fire Mistress  - The Siren Lament  - The Midnight Maiden  - The Queen of Succubus List of Dungeon Gate  - Sealed Abyss Dungeon  - Poring Land Cosmos Questboard  Cosmos Questboard having 2 type of quest.   1. Player/Community Quest  2. Cosmos Quest : Gathering and Hunting Missions  Community Quest is a quest posted by players requesting for several items and giving out some rewards.  Cosmos Quest having 2 section Hunting and Gathering giving the character finished it Cosmos Coin rewards and huge amount of exp. Arena System [PvP] - Daily Login Rewards - Alternate Outfits -  Old Bio Lab Headgears   Mystical Fruits [ Lower Headgear System ]   Magic Refine   Gear Awakening  
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