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Panetteria Smith

True Awakening Bug

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Hi GMs!

I already talked to Eredin and Yato about this, but I'll also post the details (and screenshots) here so they don't have to retell the whole story to the team:

I tried to use True Awaken on my SC Focaccia Smith for the second time earlier. I had the required 2 Cosmos Gems, 4 Twilight Rubies, 10 Eclipse Garnets and 5M zeny, but when I finished talking to the NPC, I was reset to level 1/1 but my name wasn't announced and all the required items and zeny were still with me. At first I thought I accidentally clicked on Loot Awaken instead, but I checked my inventory and I never got any rewards. No cash points, no extra zeny, no additional gems--and I wasn't 50% overweight before I used the system so there's no chance the reward items got dropped.


Also, whenever I tried to do Loot or True Awaken before, all my gear with level requirements automatically got taken off. This time, they remained on until I warped to another town as per Eredin's instructions.

Below are the screenshots of the problem:


Screenie 1: Level 1/1, 0 cash points, all True Awaken requirements are still in the Etc tab of my inventory

Screenie 2: No Loot Awakening rewards in the Consumables tab of my inventory



Screenie 3: No Loot Awakening rewards in the Equipment tab of my inventory



Screenie 4: No Loot Awakening rewards in the Fav tab of my inventory

Screenie 5: Gear with level requirements didn't get taken off until I warped to another town


Please let me know if there's anything else you need from me so you can solve this case more easily. Thanks, guys! :)

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