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[Event - Forums] FACE OFF! Behind the Character

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Attention : For those who haven't received their in-game rewards for joining this event. Please send me a PM in-game (Ryonin) or use our Enquiry Command (@enquiry) to send me a message. Thank you!

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Haters will say its photoshop don't believe





Good try, Revan.


Just for fun, let me submit a newer one. This was taken last Wednesday when I was drinking with friends. /slur





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Aloha! Ohana from Cosmos =D


I am Villan. My current Character is a Doram Summoner (Villan)


I don't have current pictures of me  because i don't really do selfies hahha




Here's a Picture of me and My beloved =P PC =P





Lets all have a  good time together =D


Mahalo for having me =D

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