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[Instance] Bios Island

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Instance: Bios Island / Isle of Bios



Requirements: +160 Base Level, +1 Party Members (Can Solo!)



Cooldown: 23 Hours



Noteworthy Rewards:  22537.png Prizes of Hero which drops many good equipments or weapons depending on your luck.



Map & Levels: 3 Levels of Dungeon


Level 1


Level 2


Level 3





Dungeon Monsters: 


Level 1

Corrupt Orc Baby

Corrupt Desert Wolf Baby

Corrupt Familiar 

Level 2

Corrupt Orc Warrior
Corrupt Desert Wolf
Corrupt Phen

Level 3

Corrupt Orc Zombie

Corrupt Verit
Corrupt Megalodon
Reaper Yanku / Grim Reaper Ankou[MVP]


The Guide:


Talk to Wandering Old Man (moro_cav 45, 60)





  1. Check to Yellow Seed (50,64), Reserve and enter dungeon.
  2. Inside the dungeon, go to the bridge, there will be a conversation between Zeith, Vrid and Reaper Yankou.
  3. You need to kill all monsters in the zone to be able to move to second zone. Same in second zone, you need to kill all monsters to be able to move to final zone.
  4. On final zone, head to the center of the room where you will see Zeith and Vrid will be frozen by Yankou (you will be frozen also, evil druid card or unfrozen armor works here).
  5. There will be a wave of Orc Zombies, followed by Verit and Megalodon that you need to kill.
  6. Once all undead wave cleared, Yankou with 50m HP will appear and you can kill him now. Once died, he will drop 22537.png Prizes of Hero at 100% chance.
  7. Once done, talk to Vrid again to receive Token of Hero as well as move you out from the instance.




Possible rewards from 22537.png Prizes of Hero


Mastela Fruit

Condensed White Potion
Yggdrasil Seed
Poison Bottle
Steamed Tongue
Dragon Breath Cocktail
Immortal Stew
Steamed Desert Scorpions
Hwergelmir's Tonic
Cooked Nine Tail's Tails
Mastela Fruit Box
Yggdrasil Seed Box
Yggdrasil Berry Box
WoE White Potion Box
WoE Violet Potion Box
WoE Blue Potion Box
High Weapon Box
Hero Plate [1]
Hero Magic Coat [1]
Hero Judgement Shawl [1]
Hero Trade Mail [1]
Hero Hidden Cloth [1]
Hero Target Suits [1]
Hero Nependess Shoes [1]
Hero Silverleather Boots [1]
Hero Ungoliant Boots [1]


Good Luck!

If there is any information wrong please tell me so we can fix it together (:


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